Who We Are

We are an art and play-based preschool and after-school program, serving children 30 months through 11 years of age.

What exactly is play-based?
And how does art help a child develop?

Play is the journey in which children collect and process information, learn new skills, and practice old ones. Children experience purposeful play when their potential for learning is enhanced by knowledgeable adults and the addition of objects of inquiry. 

At The Makers Club, you will see Teachers getting on our students’ level, and engaging in conversation, asking open-ended questions, and providing an array of materials (to get messy with!) and explore. This is all part of the Teacher gently, yet intentionally, leading children’s learning and facilitating purposeful play. 

Intentional Teaching
is behind everything we do.

An intentional Teacher uses their knowledge and expertise to create learning experiences for children, and by taking advantage of each and every teaching opportunity that arises throughout the day. Keeping in mind the different development domains, an intentional Teacher moves through their day with specific outcomes in mind, leading children to these goals through their interactions in play. 


Art is a medium in which children are able to use multiple senses at once, providing a rich learning experience, and exciting environment for young children. We provide daily opportunities for process art, in which children create using a variety of materials available, with no real end goal in mind. Process art is a powerful experience, as it allows children to develop mindfulness, and create a sense of ownership and control over what they are creating. 

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Our Vision

At The Makers Club, we envision children entering Kindergarten equipped with the social-emotional skills, empathy, and confidence necessary to build meaningful relationships and thrive at school.

Our Mission

Provide a beautiful environment that: 

  1. Creates Joy
  2. Sparks Children’s & Teachers’ Imaginations
  3. Supports Social-Emotional Development
  4. Promotes Problem Solving Skills & Confidence
  5. Cultivates Empathy

Safety Guidelines

The health and safety of the children in our care have always been at the forefront of our program. The onset of Covid-19 has amplified our mission to keep our students healthy. We have implemented several protocols to prevent Covid-19 in our school, and we are proud to say that our protocols, coupled with our partnership with families to mitigate the spread of Covid, have paid off.  We have not had a single case of Covid in our school. Our Protocols Include:


  • An award-winning air purifier that kills 99.97% of virus and bacteria
  • Daily special cleaning with CDC approved chemical for COVID-19
  • Social distancing
  • Teachers wear masks at all times
  • Children preschool age and up wear masks
  • Morning, midday, and evening extensive cleaning and sanitizing procedures
  • A commercial cleaning company comes every Friday evening to clean and disinfect the entire school 
  • Families expected to quarantine after traveling or hosting visitors 
  • Teachers model and guide children through exceptional personal hygiene practices – washing hands, masks up, using a tissue, etc. 
  • Partnership with families knowing we are all in this together, and that we need to practice CDC guidelines both at school and at home because we are all responsible for the health of the children in our community.