5 Reasons Why Parents Love Us!
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Healthy snacks and meals

We provide HEALTHY MEALS & SNACKS to all children every day! We save you time & money! No packing lunches!   *Excluding infant formula

Parents Night Out

We give you a break with our FREE PARENT PERK NIGHTS….when is the last time you had a FREE SITTER for your date night (or grown-up night out)?

Secure Entry System

We have a passcode-protected entry door, which only allows authorized persons to enter the building. Any unknown person will need to be let in by staff, ensuring our little ones are safe and secure all day long.


We are the only daycare center in the area that offers extended evening hours, giving parents more flexibility at work!

Instant Updates

Combining advanced technology with love, our staff logs your child’s meals, naps, diapers, and activities into our free ProCare app, and you have instant access on your smartphone! How cool is that?

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